Three Men Talking About Things They Kinda Know About

Three Men Thanking You

Photo: Paul Gaffney (c) 2011

The show has come to the end of a remarkable run at ABSOLUT Fringe. When we embarked upon this project we had aspirations and hopes for it, but we couldn’t have anticipated the amazing end result. We are immensely proud of what we have achieved.

Photo: Paul Gaffney (c) 2011

Not only did we receive a nomination for the “Little Gem” Fringe Festival award (a staggering achievement in its own right), but we also got a stunning four star review in The Irish Times from Sara Keating. We consider both of these to be a massive honour and are thrilled to be recognised so positively for our work. Not bad for a bunch of ABSOLUT Fringe first timers!

Photo: Paul Gaffney (c) 2011

As well as that, every single night of the show was sold out. That blows us away. In a time when people have less money to spend, this show of support meant a huge amount to us all. It was extremely inspiring to see faces old and new every single night at the show. Thanks to you all for being there and sharing in the experience.

Photo: Paul Gaffney (c) 2011

In response to the work itself, we received effusive praise, poetic responses and standing ovations. It was profoundly humbling to see that our very personal stories resonated so deeply with so many of you. It took a lot to get up there each night but the response gave us so much back.

Photo: Paul Gaffney (c) 2011

The three men up on stage was only part of the story though. We are hugely indebted to our brilliant director, Sarah Brennan, who took a leap of faith in working with us three poets and gave shape to such a powerful piece of drama on the stage. It was a real honour to work with her.

Photo: Pall Gaffney (c) 2011

Thanks are also due to our wonderful partners and families who formed part of the stories onstage, as well as supporting us through the many months of writing and rehearsing the show. Without them we would have been adrift. Our love to all of them.

Photo: Paul Gaffney (c) 2011

So, what now? Well, we will take some well earned rest and spend some quality time with our loved ones. We will then assess what our options are and perhaps take the show back out there to the public again. Stay tuned to this blog and our respective places and spaces on the web for more information. Three men will talk again…

Photo: Paul Gaffney (c) 2011

All photographs by Paul Gaffney ( All rights reserved.


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